An example of the Sword weapon.

Here is a list of weapons found within the Fate universe. Weapons are split up into categories based on the class of the weapon. Weapons can be enchanted and given sockets. Weapons can be dual-wielded as long as you are willing to take the stat penalties.


Rare Swords (Yellow Background)Edit

  • Fum's Dagger
  • The Vanguard
  • Barrow Bite
  • Bloodlick
  • Stinging Needle (4-11 damage)
  • Skullbit
  • Vulgar Edge
  • Kinvo's Companion
  • Mindchewer
  • Tool Of The Torturer
  • Razorwing
  • Ragged Blinder
  • Raleigh's Creeping Blur
  • Ribsticker
  • Shadowmorning
  • Usher Of Styx
  • Gutseek
  • Wight's Champion
  • Shearing Slab
  • Minamoto's Shinobi Blade
  • Zin's Vengeance


Rare AxesEdit


Rare StaffsEdit


Rare HammersEdit

Clubs and MacesEdit

Rare Clubs and MacesEdit


Rare SpearsEdit


Rare PolearmsEdit

Bows and CrossbowsEdit

Rare Bows and CrossbowsEdit

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