• Nethis

    Update! Monster Types

    February 25, 2015 by Nethis

    I now understand the groups that I have seen used to organize the monsters into families. The "monster definition file" in the game data (...\FATE\MONSTERS\monsters.dat) lists a "FAMILY" for each monster. These do not necessarily match the folders that contain the model data. For example, the monsters that use \BAT or \RAT models are both given a FAMILY value of "Rodent".

    Which should we use for organizing the wiki? On the one hand, families are listed directly in monsters.dat and there are fewer families than model directories. On the other hand, model directories tell you what the monster will look like and won't make weird combinations like putting Wereboar in the Minotaur family.

    I suggest a hybrid method that will organize the monsters …

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  • Nethis

    Monsters and Monster Types

    February 9, 2015 by Nethis

    I've noticed that on the wiki and several online FAQs I checked, there are some differences in monster names and especially in how monsters are categorized. Part of the issue is the existence of multiple versions of Fate. I currently have the retail version that came bundled with Undiscovered Realms. I first played on a demo version that allow unlimited playtime but capped the Dungeon at 3 levels. I'm aware of at least two other versions: a new demo with different limitations, and a full version that is digital download.

    In order to have the information on this wiki be as complete and well-organized as possible, we should take note of these differences. One proposal I have is the categorize the monsters based on the folders in the game file…

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